Freight elevator and lift for the new Zanin distillery
Freight elevator and lift for the new Zanin distillery 05-04-2017

Two stories and two excellence which met each other: they are the Zanin distillery and the Stevan Elevatori Group.


The group has, in fact, recently realized some intervents for the well-known Zanin company in their renovated site in Zugliano. ”Have been years of hard working without never stopping to struggle – the company well-known around the world for his distillates-.

Difficulties to be overcome with the mind of whom believes in what is doing. A dream which had to be realized, in order to allow us to reach goals which until that time were impossible to achieve. But, at the end, we succeeded and our new productive establishment it is finally ready. We’ve started again, stronger and braver than before, fools and combatives as always, conscious of our force and courage, convinced that even in hard and difficult moments, if we really want to, everything is possible.”


The company thanks “all that persons who have cooperated energetically and seriously, with their tears and dedition, to the realization of our big dream”.


The history of the Zanin Company has his roots in the late 1800s, when the master Bortolo Zanin with an introverted and little bit skittish character, combines to his business of hosting that of distillation.
From the rudimental still the first chips of that grape/spirit’s essence start to drop. A distillate which is able to “burn the bejesus out of someone” how it was said by the master Bortolo, because “the more it burns the more it is good”. With the 2nd World War all difficulties of everyday life start, but the boss doesn’t get discouraged; in fact, as years goes by, spirits production increases so much that he closes the inn in order to make space/room for new equipment and with the whole family invigorates the passion for the art of doing alchemy from nature and come/get out all the best and most fullfilling qualities.


The 4th generation is composed by his son Piero and his daughter Alessandra, with her husband Massimo, who carry on the heritage of their father Fausto. Determinated from passion and enthusiasm, the new results obtained show that the direction which has been taken is the right one and to encourage this entrepreneurship of course there’s no shortage of incentives.


The firm is actually present in 45 Countries around the world; it is considered one of the first italian companies for spirits’ production; it obtained over 160 medals and endorsements for his products’ quality. The new flagship is this new production site of 30.000 mq; here it is possible to visit the Company, to understand the path which has been pursued by Zanin family during the years, into exclusive and dedicate spaces, in a framework of both history and modernity. In this scenario lies the intervention of Stevan Elevatori that met the needs of Zanin Company by designing/building an oleo-dynamic elevator and a fright elevator.


The elevator has a load of 900 kg and has five stops to serve the different floors of the office. The cab of the installation is made of stainless steel brushed with walls of scratch proof stainless steel and mirrors.
The cabin’s sizes are 1,40m x 1,40m how it is required by Law 13 for public and directional use installations.
The installation is equipped by two adjacent accesses and an automatic door.


The fright elevator is an oleo-dynamic platform which links the production and the expositive floors, that of representation and the maturing plant. The specificity of this installation is the load: in fact it is possible to transport up to 5000 kg of materials, whereas during the loading phase it is possible to arrive at 6.700 kg.
The hole is of 2,50 meters.