Pizzeghella e Stevan’s system for the Stefanplast’s seat.
Pizzeghella e Stevan’s system for the Stefanplast’s seat. 18-06-2018

The Stefanplast is a company of Villaganzerla of Castegnero, in the province of Vicenza, with a history over 50 years at the shoulders in the plastic sector. The company is indeed an expert in the production of plastic articles for the sectors of the house, the garden and more recently with the Peter Pan line, for the small animal sector. Stefanplast has always kept alive the challenge of continuous renewal, the stubborn ability to think forward, imagining and inventing new forms, different products, interpreting and anticipating the needs of all its customers.


Founded in 1964, Stefanplast, with its 190 employees, is counted between the leader companies in Italy in the production of plastic articles. A simple business idea, but almost brilliant: Stefanplast born in fact from the intuition of the founder Antonio Stefani that at the beginning of the sixties included the endless opportunities of application offered by the plastic for everyday objects.


So in 1964 Stefanplast took the first steps on the market with a completely innovative product: the plastic bottle holder. The object immediately detected a great success and the brilliant economic results allowed at the company to make the first investments for further technological and structural development. The overall area of the company extends on 50.000 square meters, 8.000 intended for the production area and 21.000 of uncovered area; 18.000 square meters of fully automated warehouses for the finished product. Instead, there are 3.500 tons of maximum power of injection molding machines, 14.000 tons of finished products for 55.000 pieces produced for year.


To connect the ground floor with the offices of the first floor and the showroom on the second floor, Stefanplast entrusted Pizzeghella and Stevan Srl who proposed the installation of a hydraulic lift with a capacity of 900 kg and a cabin 1500 mm wide and 1400 mm deep. The floor of the cabin is covered with stoneware tiles, the walls are in red laminate with a half-wall mirror, while the full-height doors, handrails, profiles and pillar column are made of scotch brite stainless steel. The ceiling with the three-hole lighting allows the right brightness to the environment.